About GDI Elite Team

My name is Don Jones,I had been a member of GDI for a number of years but the results were not what  I would call spectacular.I had manage to build a down line that was paying me $100 every 3months.

I recently retired from full-time employment and wanted some extra income to subsidize my pension and  I believed that GDI was the way to do this so I started to look for a better way to promote GDI and that is when  I found the GDI Elite Team. unfortunately to be part of this team one has to join GDI under exiting team member and GDI only allows one membership per person. So I signed-up with GDI using my wife’s name

This was the best thing I could have done, in fact shortly after I became part of the Elite Team I had enough people in my down line to become a team leader myself and the same thing could happen to you.

Here is how it works
First you need to join he GDI program it will cost you just $10.00 per month to join you get seven days Free trial period when you first join

To see what you get and what your future earning potential could be click   HERE

There is no more extra fees the Elite Team membership is Free
Once you join GDI your team member leader will send you a link for the team capture page
Your job is to promote that page to get at least 1000 people see in a week
You do not have to call or talk to anybody to do this. Your leaders will show you exactly what you need to do to achieve this. The week starts on Sunday morning and most people can get their 1000 hits for the week by Tuesday just working a couple of hours each day.

The team leader has a way to see how many hits you are getting to the team page so with your promotion efforts and that of the other team members the page could be getting any where from 6000 to 20000 hits each week,that’s a lot of people looking at the page more than you could likely get alone.
Thus there is a very good chance that he or she will get sign-ups.

Now the way this works the leader will give these sign-up to team member in their down-line,it works on a rotation system you get the signed  up members pass down to you as your turn comes up on the rotor as long as you have reached your quota of 1000 hits.

This goes on until you have Six people in your down-line. At that point you can become a team leader yourself if you wish.

So if you get 6 in your down-line you are making 6.00 per month..If you become a team leader and help each of those six people until they get six in their done-line you will make $42/month

Right  I guess that is not very impressive is it,but see how this can add up if you get six in each line five lines deep you can be making over $9000/month.
The earning potential is most definitely there.

This is just the start of my new blog site on the next pages I will be showing you the exact methods to promote this business and  I will be making up a list of the best Traffic Exchanges &Safe Lists based on my results

You sign-up with the check Here to get a series of seven letters that explain all you need to know to get started as a Elite Team Member.